Coltrane Motion and The Year Without Summer

coltrane-motionBands have been pillaging 60’s pop music, from girl groups to The Beatles to Phil Spector, for decades, turning what could the most down right sunny tunes of the past 50 years into a provocative, avant-garde reinterpretation where feedback and noise all but drowned out the faintest structure of melody and themes brimming with sex, violence and drugs were standard.  The Velvet Underground could probably be the most significant, and most likely first, example of this post-modern tendency in rock music, turning the jubilant and dense melodies of girl groups like the The Ronnettes and The Crystals into curiously harmonic walls of drone, complete with ironic lyrics about life in the city, heroin addiction, and transvestite hookers.

Coltrane Motion, however, are careful not to fall in line with Velvet Underground disciples like the Jesus and the Mary Chan and The Magnetic Fields, by pumping up the fucking fun quotient to 11, keeping the bouncy rhythm sections fast, and giving ample space for both the innocent and the haunting to invade their songs.  Continue reading