Jon Quest and DJ Vex – The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest the Mixtape

It’s taken me a little while to give some attention to Jon Quest who over the course of 2010 has established himself as one of Pittsburgh’s most disciplined and dependable MC’s, readily dispensing effortlessly cool, nostalgic jams recalling the golden years of 90’s East Coast hip-hop.  With his latest mix tape The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, JQ makes sure to feature some of the Steel City’s best producers (DJ Vex, Bus-Crates 16-bit Ensemble, Armstead Brown, Big Jerm, Shade Cobain) and MC’s (Beedie, YD, Thelonious Stretch, Ayatollah Jaxx) for what is arguably the most consistent mix tape of the year.

“Hip-Hop” proves to be an early highlight, taking the classic boom-bap beat of Brooklyn circa 1993 and pumping it up on steroids for 2010. Quest tackles solo duties with a steady stream of tongue twisting reminders of hip-hop’s fleeting greatness (now who knew/ we’d lose a pioneer so soon/can I get a moment of silence for the Guru?”).  “Hip-Hop” plays like a fervent nod to the past, cementing the classics as important precursor for the now, reiterating that the sheer joy permeating d hip-hop for generations seems all but gone. It’s still a jam and a half, alright, but Quest has one eye on the legends for inspiration.  In in this day and age, someone has to pay tribute to the gods in an appropriate fashion. Jon Quest is more than up to the task.

Jon Quest – Hip Hop (Prod by BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble)

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