Fox Japan – “Hate Hate Them”

Regardless of my undying allegiance to the Pittsburgh music scene, I can’t help but pay attention to any regional acts that are…uh…worth my attention. And with that, we have yet another Morgantown, WV band gracing the pages of speed of the Pittsburgh sound in Fox Japan, who have been making waves across the rustbelt with their angular,  paranoid indie punk and the 2010 release of their second full-length Reenactment. “Hate Hate Them” is the album’s track one and is breathless with anxious energy and twitchy guitar lines, showcasing Fox Japan’s slightly unhinged aesthetic. The group plays Morgantown staple 123 Pleasant Street in late September but maybe, just maybe, we can lure them along with Librarians up 79 to play a couple dates in the Steel City.

Buy Reenactment here

Fox Japan – “Hate Hate Them”

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