Run, Forever – “A Sequence of Sad Events”

After a few minutes of research on the current goings on of local D.I.Y. mainstays Mr. Roboto Project and 222 Orsmby, I stumbled across a July CD release party for Pittsburgh rough and tumble rockers Run, Forever. Before I could blink  I was swept up in power chord heaven. Combining the three piece punk assault of The Thermals and the Springsteen bastard-son rock of Jersey’s Titus Andronicus, Run, Forever let loose a steady onslaught of pub-ready rallying cries. These tracks are desperate, thrashing odes to fleeting youth and existential angst,  grounded by the heaving weight of biblical doom.  This is shit-thrilling music of the highest degree, elegiac and rousing in the same breath. Vocals, guitar, bass, kick drum, repeat. What more could you want?

The group’s first full-length The Devil, and Death, and Me was released July 3rd and is only available currently on the merch table at their live shows. However, the LP’s first single “A Sequence of Sad Events” is ready for download on Run, Forever’s Bandcamp page right now.

Pay attention for this three-piece’s return to the Steel City in early September.

Run, Forever – A Sequence of Sad Events


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