C-mon & Kypski @ Brillobox 7/14

C-Mon & Kypski don’t really play it straight (or safe for that matter).  These four Dutchman seem intent on jamming every possible dance/hip-hop/soul  influence they have ever come across into four minute bursts of insanely catchy, schizophrenic, beat boy symphonies.  With their latest release We Are Square, no two tracks sound the same, bouncing back and forth between Beck’s kitchen sink production approach of Mellow Gold and Odelay and a sort of DJ Shadow-taste-making, crate-digging dream world.  “More is Less” leans heavily on some fantastically placed soul  samples, but is propelled forward by the goofy Euro-tech beat, solid horn section and Abba-like sense of melody.

Along with Nobody Beats the Drum and Pittsburgh’s own electronic-freak smith  Summer Lungs, C-Mon & Kypski make a stop in their (presumably) first stop in Steel City tonight at the Brillobox. Video for More is Less and tracks after the jump.

C-mon & Kypski – Turn of the Tides


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