Plan Your Week Accordingly: July 12 through July 18

Remember that time when you heard about that awesome show, but only after the fact, and then you got that weird feeling in your stomach, like when you went too high on the playground swings? Plan Your Week Accordingly is a new feature of Speed of the Pittsburgh Sound which aims to help you never ever have that feeling again (at least about shows). We highlight the “must-sees” from our perspective, give you the date and the locale, and leave the rest to your impeccable/implacable discretion. Shows and tracks after the jump.

For the Week of July 12 – 18

Tuesday, July 13
– Kurt Vile and Real Estate @ Garfield Artworks
Kurt Vile – Hunchback

Real Estate – Suburban Beverage

Thursday, July 15
– Jon Spencer Blues Explosion @ Diesel
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Orange

– Clem Snide and The Heligoats @ Club Cafe
Clem Snide – The Meat Of Life

The Heligoats – Fish Sticks

Sunday, July 18
– Old 97’s @ Mr. Smalls
Old 97’s – Jagged


2 thoughts on “Plan Your Week Accordingly: July 12 through July 18

  1. I like this feature a lot. I’m moving back to Pittsburgh in the next month or so, and I’m glad I found this blog. The one nice thing about where I live now (Philadelphia) is that they get all sort of small, indie shows. I’ll miss that in Pittsburgh, but it looks like Pitt does ok for shows.

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