The Modey Lemon are Back with Wandering Eye 7”

Pittsburgh’s consummate garage rockers are back after a long layoff since 2008’s Season of Sweets with a small, but potent, explosion of swagger with the Wandering Eye 7”, out now on These Are Not Records.

“Wandering Eye” doesn’t mess with the formula that made The Modey’s so impressive in the first place: snarling chainsaw guitars with handfuls of solos, cocksure, quietly cool vocals and a caveman beat that barely keeps the whole thing from spiraling out of control.

Side B’s “Cheetah’s for Chariots” lurches forward slowly like a Marc Bolan lullaby: sinister, sexy and lethal in large doses.  While it’s not nearly as compact as “Wandering Eye,” “Cheetah’s” gets the menacing atmosphere out front and center, making that lava field on the record sleeve’s artwork seem more appropriate with each listen.

It’s good to see Pittsburgh’s favorite sons put out new material after some time away (which included a now legendary performance in front of Girl Talk last summer) and appearing as if the hiatus sharpened their focus rather than dulling it.  No shows are lined up for the time being but pay attention Pittsburgh, The Modey Lemon will be back for good.

The Modey Lemon “Wandering Eye”


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