Mother Sun’s Upcoming Full-Length Out 6/22, Two New Tracks

I need to apologize first.  After featuring Mother Sun‘s self-titled EP on speed of the pittsburgh sound last summer, I stupidly left them off the Steel City’s Top 20 Tracks of 2009.  It was a mistake fueled by negligence and if I had a second chance to do 2009 over again, Mother Sun’s “Phantasmagoria” would land somewhere in the top 10. Regardless, I highly recommend picking up said EP on iTunes now, if only to witness the evolution of Pittsburgh music scene’s best kept secret as they prep themselves for a fairly eventful summer.

With the backing of recently launched Discos Un-herd-uf, a Pittsburgh-based label headed by none other than Andres Ortiz-Ferarri (a.k.a. Discuss, Young Frankenstein), Mother Sun are back with a full-length LP set to be released June 22nd followed by a national tour this fall.  With “Cold Train” and “Wonderful Feeling,” the first two cuts from the yet-to-be-titled album, Mother Sun have switched gears from the atmospheric, electronically tinted acoustic suites from the debut EP. Present is a new sound that entirely embraces robust waves of electronic noodling while concisely carrying harmonies of gorgeously symphonic pop songs. Tracks after the jump.

I made a big deal about the influence of recreational drug use on Mother Sun’s first EP, comparing the album’s delirious haze-pop (favorably, I might add) to a “day at the beach on ether.”  While the group’s work isn’t completely off the junk, “Wonderful Feeling” is an excellent example of what happens when Cordle and Haynes compress their atmosphere into 5:30 chunks. With a massive hook, complex but not overwhelming electronics and those unabashed drug references still enhancing the mood (“And we got high as a kite for 40 days and 40 nights/ pretending we don’t care what we are here for”) “Wonderful Feeling” achieves pocket symphony status without breaking a sweat.

I’ll leave “Cold Train” untouched for the time being, it’s a little too much to think about and I’ll allow you, dear reader, to do the heavy lifting.  Like their debut EP, these tracks have a lot to process within their five minute running times and beg for multiple listens.  But as we move forward, Mother Sun will be playing a live show at Most Wanted Fine Art on May 20th, with the help of a six-piece, classically infused acoustic backing band fleshing out the electronic compositions live.  In any case, stay tuned this summer for more Mother Sun rumblings, the Pittsburgh synth-pop trailblazers are poised to make some major waves.

Mother Sun – Wonderful Feeling

Mother Sun – Cold Train


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