Big Hurry Release Silver Screens Remix EP

Remix albums are a tricky proposition for most rock bands. But while many projects end up being a relatively small blip on an artist’s discography (Bloc Party’s Silent Alarm Remixed and Phoenix’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix [Remix Collection] to name a few),  the concept still conjures a thrilling prospect: a dancier version of your favorite band.

Big Hurry, on the other hand, could rock the dance floor regardless of a slick, house techno makeover. What they manage to accomplish with their Silver Screens Remix EP, currently being sold only at the group’s live shows, wouldn’t necessarily be classified as transcendent, but that isn’t the point.  By splicing the DNA of the original EP with just the right amount of techno production flourishes, the simmering sexpot swagger Big Hurry is known for increases in stature while being nudged into an alternative electronic dimension. Tracks after the jump.

Best of show here probably goes to “Paper Trails (South Side Machine Mix)” for enhancing the already ephemeral atmosphere of the original track by allowing Kelly Tobias’ vocals, riddled with echo, to be front and center, backed by spacey drums, synth blips and a muted guitar riff.  “Tell Me (Midnight Movie Mix)” reveals a slower version of the remix that appeared on the group’s MySpace profile last summer, lumbering forward with the syrupy haze of a 3 AM ecstasy crash.

“Radio (Scott Simons Mix)” is the most purely danceable song of the bunch, filtering Tobias’ voice through a shimmering wall of Auto-Tune (maybe?) effects while bumping along with vintage 80’s keyboards and a beat worthy of Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”.

All in all, it’s a solid day’s work for Big Hurry. By turning up the club ready vibe of Silver Screens to eleven, indie kids all over Pittsburgh will be dying to get a hold of these tracks on the dance floor.

Big Hurry w/ Satin Gum and Dj Gordy of Title Town @ Brillobox 3.26

Big Hurry – “Paper Trails (South Side Sound Machine Mix)


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