Recollect – “Somehow” Video, “It Came From Above”

Pittsburgh native Derek Dumont and his solo dubstep project Recollect finally get some tripped out visuals worthy of being paired with his hazy, grooving soundscapes. With the help of loacal filmmakers Colin Sander and Andrew McIntyre (all three of whom were responsible for this) Dumont’s Somehow” comes to life in a slow motion fog of four physics-defying inanimate objects.

Lawrenceville’s Leslie Park Pool and Mt. Washington’s “Point of View” statue make supporting appearances as an over sized trunk, kitchen broom, lantern, and wooden folding chair float effortlessly around Pittsburgh and the Western Pennsylvania countryside. Quite the little daydream it is, painting a beautiful picture of Pittsburgh in the more forgiving seasons we all barely remember.  “It Came From Above” after the jump.

Recollect – It Came From Above

Dumont has also offered up “It Came From Above,” a science fiction flavored cut fused with a spiraling analog guitar sample.  The drum progression skips across pools of static before fading out into oblivion. All in all, a solid base of work for the upstart DJ, who plans to spin at Ava, Shadow Lounge, or the New Amsterdam in the coming weeks.  Keep your feelers out there, Pittsburgh’s down-tempo scene is starting to heat up.


2 thoughts on “Recollect – “Somehow” Video, “It Came From Above”

  1. Yes–an exemplary video of where Derek’s sensitivity levels cross from urban Pittsburgh to the country scape of Butler. What a spinning trip! Relax and enjoy!

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