Tanlines – “Real Life”, Rx (ft. Jim Doutrich of Ennui) – “Fire Flies VIP”

Two new Pittsburgh related collaborations have been making the rounds on the interwebs the past two weeks and I felt they need a little attention. The first track, found after poking around Pitchfork the past couple days, is “Real Life,” a new song from ex-Don Caballero bassist and Pittsburgh born Eric Emms’ latest project, the Brooklyn-based duo Tanlines. “Fire Flies VIP” comes from Philadelphia-based dubstep producer Rx and Jim Doutrich, lead singer and all around brilliant mind behind Pittsburgh’s own Ennui.

Check the tracks after the jump.Along with former Professor Murder member Jesse Cohen, Tanlines plans to release their first EP Settings on March 9th off True Panther.  “Real Life” takes a pared down approach to The Tough Alliance’s jubilant, percussion based synth pop.  Not quite sure, but that may be Emms on vocals. On the group’s MySpace, he is apparently in charge of “GUITARS, LIFE,” so I feel like jumping to conclusions.

Tanlines – Real Life

“Fire Flies VIP” is gorgeously chilling and relaxed, Doutrich applies his spaced out vocals to a sparse down-tempo collage of twinkling synth lines, hand clap percussion and bossa nova guitars. The track was posted on Rx’s own Subdivision website. What is Subdivision? Glad you asked: “We’re an eight member collective based in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Manchester dedicated to spreading the heavy bass sound.” Sounds pretty righteous for Pittsburgh based dubheads who can now get an essential pipeline to the down-tempo capital of the world, Manchester, UK.

Rx – Fire Flies VIP (featuring Jim Doutrich of Ennui)

Ennui plays a show with Donora, Savior Adore, and Mon Khmer this Friday at Howler’s Coyote Cafe.


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