Takeover UK Members’ New Project 1,2,3 Release “Confetti” Single

Two (former?) members of Pittsburgh shit kicking rockers The Takeover UK, Nic Snyder and Josh Sickles, have ventured out into the world under new moniker 1,2,3 and released the sensational single “Confetti” this past Tuesday available via iTunes for next to nothing.  Along with a little recording help from bassist Derek White (who is proving to be fairly prolific with now-defunct Gems, The TOUK, and his own solo project) Snyder and Sickles have emerged from whatever recording label drama TOUK has been dealing with this past year to deliver a boozy wallop of garage pop ecstasy.

“Confetti” is endearingly tattered, rough but not amateur.  The slow, soulful stomp lets Snyder spiral into a deliriously macabre daydream, as he flashes just enough sneer to seem sardonic rather than depressed.  Coupled with gorgeously wistful B-side “Can’t Bribe God,”  the single points to a more than promising start.  When you consider how TOUK, even amidst their liquor soaked ballads, could sound a bit too polished at times, its exciting to see 1,2,3 making unabashed gutter anthems, full of gallows humor and self-deprecating wit.  If you happen to be holed up in some after hours Bloomfield dive in the coming weeks, don’t be surprised if you hear these tracks pouring from the speakers of some dilapidated hi-fi.

(Tracks are posted to stream, not download. Mosey on over to iTunes to buy the single.)

1,2,3 – “Confetti”

1,2,3 – “Can’t Bribe God”


2 thoughts on “Takeover UK Members’ New Project 1,2,3 Release “Confetti” Single

  1. Man, Confetti is a great song. Not to dog Takeover UK, but both tracks are definitely improvements in my mind. I prefer the new band name, too.

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