Yeasayer New Track from Odd Blood – “ONE”

Okay, I swear I won’t be updating this blog every time a new Yeasayer track comes out.  The only reason I did it this morning is because for the first time in three months I checked out Le Blogotheque and even though the entire site is in French, the first story concerned something about Yeasayer.  All I could understand was that there was an mp3 for “ONE,” an incredible new song from the forthcoming Odd Blood LP out February 9th, a track that just so happened to blow me away when they played a shit ton of new material at Mr. Small’s last summer.

Considering the band hasn’t released any other singles besides “Ambling Alp,” haven’t put any other new stuff on their MySpace and the usual suspects (Gorilla vs. Bear, Pitchfork, Stereogum)  haven’t said a damn thing all morning, I slowly realized I was actually ahead of the curve.  Regardless, the track delivers, building off the new world tribal music-electronica dance fusion Yesayer is obviously gunning for on the new LP.  Its lush, off-center and brilliantly eclectic, all the things we love about Yeasayer.  Enjoy the track below.

Yeasayer – ONE


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