The Spinto Band @ Garfield Artworks, 11/7


When I think of Delaware, I think of a beautifully manicured college campus in the northeast somewhere, complete with ivy-coated brick buildings, pretentious coffee shops and an easy going, all be it progressive, student population.  For all I know, the entire state is like a sprawling, commonwealth version of Williams.

A ridiculous day dream I know, but the endearing charm of The First State’s own Spinto Band, who come to Garfield Artworks this Saturday along with Generationals and Pepi Ginsberg, has me recalling the most romantic days of my undergraduate experience. With Their latest release Slim and Slender, a four song EP out this past October, the Spintos continue their staggeringly consistent streak of three flexible indie pop releases over the past three years.  On Slim and Slender, the group practically radiates the amber aura of a magic hour bon fire with three kegs to kick.

Jackhammer stumbles through the door like a nubile young co-ed looking to hand a freshly sharpened bouquet of no.2 pencils over to his first crush of the semester. “Something says she wants you,” lead singer Nick Krill insists as the sunny, but frayed, guitars splash down, “she hangs on every word.”  The track is nostalgic but up beat, pulling on those ripe heartstrings that some how avoided callousing over years of disappointment.

And that’s where the charm of the Spinto Band lies : reminding us that once upon a time we were all dumb, unseasoned romantic messes, excitedly searching for the next great saga of our life.  Even Keep Them Alive, a song which I think is about masterminding the perfect murder like one masterminds a game of hide and seek, skips and slaps like the most playful version of ourselves we forget we possess.

Even if you aren’t quite ready for that level of self examination, the music is damn fun and catchy as well. If you do happen to make your way up to Garfield Saturday night, try not to get caught up in memory of broken trysts from semesters past.

The Spinto Band – Jackhammer

The Spinto Band – Keep Them Alive


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