New Yeasayer Track – “Ambling Alp”


Last July’s Yeasayer concert at Mr. Small’s proved to be quite the telling experience. Half the set was new material that steered  away from the world music and shaman-chanting influences that was the band’s trademark since 2007’s All Hour Cymbals. But while the new material focused on a heavy, electronic production (including new interpretations of “2080”, “Sunrise,” and “Waiting For the Summer”), Yeasayer’s M.O. for composition and song structure, as well as the group’s free spirit vibe, remained essentially the same.

Which brings us to “Ambling Alp,” a song I definitely remember from that fateful Mr. Small’s show.  The first single from their forthcoming Odd Blood (out February 19th), the track is to be released as a 12” single by Secretly Canadian on November 3.

The song initially begins with an auspicious, ambient prelude before morphing into a cacophony of 80’s synthesizers, layered percussion, and chirping vocal loops appearing sporadically through out the mix.  A motivational chorus chimes in with lead singer Chris Keating confidently relating some nuggets of wisdom:  “You must speak up for yourself son! Nevermind what anybody else does.”

Talk about fanning the flames of anticipation. One track in and Odd Blood is already shooting for the moon.

Yeasayer – Ambling Alp


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