Holy Shit! A Major Lazer “Keep it Goin’ Louder” Video Exists?

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For the first 7.5 seconds of Major Lazer’s video for the dancehall-dub by way of Billboard Hot 100 fever dream that is “Keep it Goin’ Louder,” off this year’s Guns Don’t Kill People, Lazers Do, all seems to be up to code with the Hip-hop Club Scene Video Cliche Mandate/Doctrine of 2004(that’s on the books, believe me), a bill that was authored and vehmently championed by the distinguished gentleman from New York, Cam’ron.

Ten seconds into the video, however, is a completely different story.  That story is one filled with human hybrid cartoon zombies and evil, gravity-defying cartoon blowfish dancing, nay REVELING, with their normal hip hop club counterparts as Switch, Diplo  and the crooning, auto-tuned, double trouble combo of Ricky Blaze and Nina Sky slowly melt minds.

This unholy (yet ridiculously stupid awesome) dance scene reaches a frenzy pitch just as Major Lazer himself saves the day and eviscerates all the cartoon zombie-dancehall human hybrids with his towering speakers of kalidescopic light and general bad-assery.

That description (which I’m surprised I could even write) doesn’t come close to the real thing.  Guns Don’t Kill People is my favorite party album of the year for a reason.

Major Lazer – Keep it Goin’ Louder (feat. Nina Sky & Ricky Blaze)


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