Lohio New Track “Waiting for the End of the Summertime,” @ CMU’s Rangos Ballroom 10/23


I’ve always suffer from a hazy splash of deja vu when I listen to Lohio.  Unfortunately, my initial response when listening to new music is fairly academic. I unconsciously begin to pick apart influences, arrangements, compositional elements and production  touches when, before long, I missed any emotional resonance the song had to offer.  I have never done that listening to Lohio.

I’m not saying they make dumb pop songs or pretentious pieces of shit that try too damn hard to do whatever it is they’re doing, I just can’t seem to ignore the emotional, nostalgic qualities of a song like “Sea and the Sun” off last years History, the Destroyer. Lohio crafts their music with a foggy warmth that avoids sentimentality, recalling the pleasures of AM radio pop and country with a sincerity that isn’t easily replicated or ignored.  Basically, Lohio make you care.

With “Waiting for the End of the Summertime” they appear to be recalling Elliot Smith by way of Summerteeth-era Wilco (which, as an album, actually examined Velvet Underground’s Loaded through an alt-country lens’) draping the track in a wounded optimism that underscores lush harmonies and wood-paneled-basement organs with heart aching depth.

It’s one of three goregous tracks from Lohio’s upcoming EP posted on the group’s MySpace page. The release date is set for late November, complete with a Brillobox release show along side buddies Donora.  Coming up tonight, however, is a free show at CMU’s Rangos Ballroom with St. Louis vaudeville-poppers Gentleman Auction House.  Enjoy the track and remember that coming of age summer in the seventh grade that ended a week too soon.

Lohio – Waiting for the End of Summertime


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