Spider (a.k.a. Jane Herships) @ Garfield Artworks 10/14 9PM


As October creeps into my consciousness and the days get shorter, I find myself in a massive transitional period.  October is a heavy month, maybe the heaviest.  Weighted down by the unfamiliar cold, abrupt fits of loneliness and the general mass of my life accumulating before year’s end, I unknowingly wait for something in the darkness to embrace me.

Listening to Spider’s (Jane Herships) “Remember That Time You Told Me You Loved Me, But Didn’t?” lead single off her latest release Things We Like to Hold, I can’t help but recast October as an ally.

The production is sparse but cavernous.  A hauntingly simple, bluesy guitar line and more percussion echo than a Martin Hannett production induces a vaguely nostalgic trance, sparking the flicker of toothy smiles in the darkness.  “And I will follow you,” Hership confides, “yes, I will follow you.”

In my head, I take off into a frosted wood and search for a place to haunt.  I stumbled through the leaves as my feet slowly grow roots.  My skin hardens into pale bark.  My armor is up for the coming cold and I am happy. Once I walked into October, with a gracefully black arachnid in tow, the year can now begin to end.

Ms. Herships, I thank you.

Spider – Remember That Time You Told Me You Loved Me, But Didn’t?


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