Big Hurry new track “Paper Trails,” Silver Screens EP release show 10/17 @ Brillobox


Upstart Pittsburgh indie dance swingers Big Hurry plan to release their first EP Silver Screens this Saturday at the Brillobox along with local rock stalwarts Landline and Casino Bulldogs.  I’ll monitor my hyperbole for the rest of the article, but I can’t help mentioning I’ve been waiting for new tracks from Kelly Tobias and co. since their live show way back in February.

And with “Paper Trails” Big Hurry may have released their most accomplished production yet.  The track showcases a tumbling, slow motion percussion section, cascading guitars and Tobias’ trademark croon flooding in from various angles.  Similar to “Tell Me” from the group’s Myspace page, “Paper Trails”‘ tempo is set in a lower gear, a bouncy throb climbing toward a heavy conclusion.  Lust and intrigue, as usual, are present and smoldering, but the atmosphere is sagacious rather than sinister, with the chorus soaring into the stratosphere.

I think a casual observer of speed of the pittsburgh sound could argue that Big Hurry gets a fair amount of ink and I won’t deny it.  I often trumpet the importance of witnessing local bands settle into their blatant musical talents and Big Hurry are doing just that with grace and potency.  Can’t wait to hear the rest of the EP.  And as for you Pittsburgh, start paying attention.

Big Hurry – Paper Trails


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