Stream Girls’ Debut Album in Full

true-010Anyone who has been perusing the indie music blogosphere for the past year has probably been bludgeoned, more than a few times, with the immense hype machine that is San Fransisco sun rockers Girls.  With that said, eager listeners can finally get the full picture of Girls’ highly anticipated debut album, Album, which is currently available to be streamed in its entirety on True Panther’s website, with the release date still locked in for next Tuesday.

As for me, I jumped on the band wagon a bit late after witnessing the band’s whimsically somber  video for “Hellhole Ratrace” in the early days of 2009, and suddenly found myself watching their every move.  It’s the nature of the beast, I suppose, that when one is always searching for new music in the modern age, the concept of “new” takes on a completely different personality.  In the mp3 blog era, “new” literally means right out of the oven.  Tracks (mostly demos) leak without context, bubble to the top and fall off albums so much these days that by the time of the proper release date for an entire album arrives, most of the online community has listened and obsessed over said band’s minuscule catalog for months.

Am I lamenting the loss of importance for record release Tuesday? Fuck no.  I simply miss the discovery of a fully formed musical document compared to participating in the ongoing collection of pre-natal scraps from an album’s recording session across thirty or so music sites scattered over the intranet.  Call me old fashioned and I’ll agree.  Regardless, Girls’ are fantastic, and they deserve at least some of the praise heaped upon them.  “Hellhole Ratrace” is a damn fine example of their stripped down aesthetic, which is more rich in atmosphere and nostalgia than actual instruments.  Take a listen, and maybe, just maybe, you’re hearing it for the first time.  If so, I am insanely jealous.

Girls – Hellhole Ratrace


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