Video Premiere – Donora – “I Think I Like You”

Much to my own surprise, being that it was only the second time I had ever visited My Old Kentucky Blog, Donora has just premiered their video for “I Think I Like You,” which is their second, along with “Shout,” off their self titled debut from December last year. What transpires is nothing less than a virtuoso hoola hooping experience by a young lady named Laura Bergstein shot in one continuous take.  The visuals suit the unmitigated innocence of the track perfectly, as the radioactively green hoola hoop produces a stark contrast to the dilapidated ice cream stand in the background (start speculating on your own allegorical implications here).  Quite a pleasant surprise to help me get back into the swing of writing, which I hope to do more this week with my completed summer concert round up.  In the mean time, bask in the heart-melting sweetness of arguably Donora’s prettiest track.


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