Video Premiere – Big Hurry “Save Your Breath”

Between receiving a glowing endorsement from Cindy Howes on WYEP’s RPM podcast, prepping their first official EP for release in the fall and crafting a slick, shadowy, sexy video for the raging “Save Your Breath,” Big Hurry have been making some power moves across the steel city.

After waiting anxiously for the band’s next move since February, the video (and the new track “Tell Me” posted on their MySpace) couldn’t have come at a better time.  Watching this fully formed, packaged and powerful document of Big Hurry’s swagger quickly reminded me that their blistering set in front of indie pixie LIGHTS and local dance punks The Sexes all those months ago was no dream.   The video’s little touches are the ones that make me smile, like the way it cuts back to the pounder of Iron City on the amp more than a dozen times, or how lead singer Kelly Tobias performs almost half the video with her back to the camera, occasionally glancing over her shoulder.

Like Donora’s video for “Shout” , “Save Your Breath” provides a simple, rocking personification of Big Hurry’s sound and atmosphere.  Sexy, dangerous and elusive, Big Hurry is poised to seduce the city.

Watch them open for the The Harlan Twins at their CD Release Party along with Mariage Blanc at the Brillobox on July 10.


One thought on “Video Premiere – Big Hurry “Save Your Breath”

  1. This is awesome! Love the song and the video. I think I may have heard Save your breath on U92 a few days ago- Is that possible? Congrats Dani & band!! Keep Rockin.

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