St. Vincent Unplugs For “Actor Out Of Work”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So it’s been just about a month to the day of my last post.  What have I been doing in that time? Anxiously awaiting my life to start (you will all be spared of  the gory details) among other things, but mostly working a dead end job.  I will say that my enthusiasm to post and write about music got nicely pulverized after I attended the Tally Hall, Malbec and Crocodiles show at Mr. Small’s last month for the sole reason of seeing Jesus and the Mary Chain torchbearers Crocodiles unleash some heavy drone into the sleepy May evening from their latest hype-infested album Summer of Hate. Alas, the band had car troubles in fucking Cleveland and had to slip the bill, taking out the majority of wind from my metaphorical sails.

Since that fateful night, I have been meaning to get back on the horse and write something significant, luckily Annie Clark from St. Vincent gave me a little nudge in the right direction.  I already claimed my allegiance to Clark’s “Actor Out of Work” from her latest Actor sometime in early May, but this clever little acoustic version snagged at my heart strings once again.  Not only does Clark triumphantly claim she doesn’t even own an acoustic guitar, but she plays the formerly devestating rock song in the vein of a jaunty, bossa nova charmer.  Add some microphone echo that is truly cavernous and all of the sudden the track becomes even stranger than it once was.  I am keeping the rhapsodizing short this time around, the video speaks for itself.


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