Brillobox: Recession Destination?

brillobox pitssburghThe illustrious New York Times Style Magazine, T Magazine, has run yet another piece glorifying Pittsburgh’s very own altar to Hip (yes, that’s a capital H), the Brillobox in Lawrenceville. As much as it pains me to watch out of towners marvel at the fact that Pittsburgh can have night spots that aspire to be more than a trashy dance club or dive bar, author Stepehn Metcalf does a fairly good job of connecting the strong sense of community and economic awareness that Brillobox owners Eric and Renee Stern (both refugees from the New York art world) are concerned with. The article, entitled “Recession Special : In Pittsburgh, a Grassroots Hangout for Our Time”, has Metcalf and friends spending a day enjoying the renown Starving Artists Sunday Supper by woofing down a couple vegan burritos, hanging out with bar locals, and and talking at length with the Sterns themselves.

In a time when Pittsburgh’s conscious and responsible neighborhood development is a top priority for city officials, local non-profits and communities themselves, its nice to get some reinforcement that Pittsburgh is blazing an important new path amidst such economic blight. Along with John Fetterman, progressive mayor of Braddock, PA, just getting a ginormous profile in Rolling Stone, the Brillobox is getting some recognition it rightfully deserves.

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