Marnie Stern @ Modern Formations Last Sunday Night

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So Marnie Stern performed at  Modern Formations Art Gallery in the Penn ave. arts corridor last Sunday night, and I was pissed for a number of reasons. One being the fact that I didn’t have ample time to write about the show, and two being the fact that I couldn’t even attend due to a strange Sunday night shift at the horrid restaurant I work at.  This sucks because Marnie Stern also happens to be one of my favorite artists at the moment and her 2008 full length, This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It and She Is It and It is It and That Is That (yes, thats the actual title, yes, it comes from a quote from British philosopher Alan Watts, no, I don’t have a fucking clue who that dude is), proved to be one of my favorite albums of last year.

This is the gloriously cheesy video for “Transformer” and gives listeners a good primer for the rest of the album: faster than light finger tapping guitar work, more drum splashes than Keith Moon could ever dream about, Stern’s shrill yet some how seductive vocals, and lyrics that wouldn’t find themselves out of place as mantras for a self help seminar.  Stern also happens to be a pretty interesting character, and if you get a chance to check out any number of the features written on her by Pitchfork, she provides quite a bit of entertainment.

But yeah maybe its pointless  to write about a show I didn’t even attend 2 days after it happened, but fuck it, I don’t have to impress you people (I didn’t mean that, I’m sorry to all four of my readers out there, hi mom!).  Hopefully Ms. Stern will come back to Pittsburgh before I can say Eddie Van Halen three times fast but in the mean time, here are a couple mp3’s from her album, including the aforementioned “Transformer” and the seriously intricate “Ruler,” enjoy.

Marnie Stern – Transformer

Marnie Stern – Ruler


One thought on “Marnie Stern @ Modern Formations Last Sunday Night

  1. was at the show… super fun and sloppy. however it was very under attended… probably 30 people there max… her and her people very nice and sweet.

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