Phoenix – Lisztomania Brat Pack Mashup

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Yeah holy shit, this isn’t the most ingenious moment in the history of YouTube, but it still gets me every time.  This particular mashup video contains not one, but five, COUNT EM’ FIVE (okay four), 80’s flicks that range from, “I’ll watch that movie every time it comes on TBS a 2:30 on a Saturday afternoon,” to “Jesus Christ, I can’t believe they picked Mannequin and I’m okay with it.”  Of course, the greatest coup of all is synching up Phoenix’s  indie dance/pop/rock opus “Lisztomania” from their latest Wolfgang Amadeus to coincide with some of the most indellible images from the bygone Brat Pack era, including the pivotal Chris Penn, learning to dance scene from Footloose, the library freak out montage of The Breakfast Club, and last but not least, Ducky belting out Otis Redding to an indifferent Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink.  I’m fairly sure my older sister would be obsessed with this video and rightly so, Phoenix, like M83, perfectly capture the bouncing exuberance of the 80’s most significant pop culture touchstones with tunes that could have easily placed on any John Hughes soundtrack.


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