Shine the LIGHTS on Pittsburgh

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Canadian synth pop princess LIGHTS makes a delightful concert stop in Pittsburgh on February 18th at the Brillobox, with local acts Big Hurry and The Sexes opening the show.  All three acts show off pretty, lead singin’ gals who, most interestingly, show a broad range of vocal stylings.  LIGHTS obviously comes off most polished, but earnest, catchy and compact.   Kelly Tobias of Big Hurry is a little more daring, channeling Karen O. during her more melodic, angelic phases.  Last but not least, Sarah (don’t know her last name) of The Sexes keeps it cool and collected, reflecting a female version of Julian Casablancas (and I mean that as a compliment) seducing you while putting back shots of whiskey and a pile of cigarettes in the back of the club.  It’s quite a line up of feminist power, and it looks like I will be making it out to this show, so hopefully I will have many wonderful things to report back.  In the meantime, here’s LIGHTS’ video for her latest single of her self titled EP “February Air” which has her gazing out of her Toronto window wantingly at an astronaut on a snowy night.  Oh wait, that’s not Toronto, that’s a cheesy space-opera set on a sound stage, I get those two so easily confused.

Check out the Shows page for more informaiton on the LIGHTS concert and other goings on in Pittsburgh.


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